Electric Unicycle Stand

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Tired of leaning your wheel up against a wall at home or work?

Use our sturdy Electric Unicycle stand to display your wheel with pride.
This stand will keep your wheel off the ground, and it's curved-cushioned support brackets will keep it safe.

The stand folds for easy storage, or so you can take it with you.

This isn't one of those tiny wire-frame stands that you may have seen.  This stand is nearly 16 inches tall and has a 13 inch wide footprint (measured at the front of the stand).


  • Construction Materials: Steel with anti-rust inhibiting surface paint, Rubber, and Plastic
  • Footprint Size (opened): 15.5/8" Tall x 13" Wide x 12.5" Deep
  • Color: Black


  • Special curved cushioned brackets to safely store and display your electric unicycle
  • The stand can be folded, and it's is easy to store and/or transport
  • It's suitable for all electric unicycle makes and models

Package Includes:
1 x Folding Electric Unicycle Stand