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Repair Services

Ninebot U.S. offers expert Ninebot repair services on all models. Services that other Ninebot sellers do not offer.  Our highly-qualified repair technicians will diagnose and repair all issues for you at a price that won’t break the bank.  Contact us today for any of the repair services you see below.

Local On-Site Service

For those located within driving distance of Ninebot U.S. in New Jersey, our team can save you from having to ship in your Ninebot by offering quick repairs at our Ninebot U.S. Northern NJ facility. Our repair technicians will be happy to speak with you about the work that needs to be done, and will be able to give you an estimate for time and repair.

Warranty Repairs

Ninebot U.S. offers manufacturer guarantees and warranty and repair services for any Ninebot products purchased directly from Ninebot U.S.  These warranty terms protect against manufacturer defects for a period of one (“1”) year with an exception for the battery, tire, and tire tube.  The battery is protected against manufacturer defects for a period of 180 days, while the tire and tire tube are protected for a period of 90 days.  Please read our “Warranty” page to learn more about our warranty repair services.

Part Replacements

We keep a wide range of parts in stock for Ninebot One, Ninebot-C, and the Ninebot Elite PTR.  These parts include tires, tubes, foot plates, handles, batteries, and more.  Ninebot U.S. offers both shipping the parts to you or replacing the parts for you in house.  Our team is able to replace these parts for you quickly and efficiently so that you will not be away from your Ninebot for long.

Hardware Repairs

We want the repair of your Ninebot personal transportation vehicle to be as smooth as possible.  We also know how tough it can be when you’re experiencing problems with hardware.  Regardless of whether it’s a small issue like LED lights not lighting, or a larger issue with the motherboard, our team is here to help.

If you need a repair for your Ninebot products, contact us today.