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Business Financing

Ninebot U.S. has partnered with BEHALF to bring you an alternative to business credit cards.

Qualified Businesses can receive a CREDIT LINE up to $50,000

Use BEHALF as a Payment Option to pay Ninebot U.S. with 15 Days Interest Free!

Run Your Business With The Capital You Need

  • No annual fees
  • There no negative affect your credit score for applying
  • Choose Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Payments at low rates
  • You decide what goods you want to buy, Ninebots, Accessories, Need start-up Capital, you name it.
  • Behalf pays the invoice to us.
  • You repay Behalf in up to 15 days (with no fees) or to 180 days according to the repayment plan that you choose.
  • If your invoice is paid within 15 days, No fees will be applied to the original amount.


FINANCING FEES are $11 to $30 Per $1,000 / Month. Fees only applies after 15 days according to the repayment plan you chooseFee is calculated based on personal credit history.

  • It's instant! Buy up to $50,000 of inventory in under 4 minutes
  • It's affordable! With rates of $10-$30 per $1,000 per month
  • It's available! We approve approximately 40% of businesses

Get Your Business Growing with Behalf Credit.

Behalf is a smart new opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to get the credit they need. Credit you can use right here, right now.

For faster service please send an email to Jerry at BEHALF (

Be sure to include your telephone number so he can call you back right away.

Optionally you can use the simple BeQuick widget below and in two quick clicks you’ll find out how much money BEHALF can extend you.

We’ll pay Ninebot U.S., and you’ll pay us back on a schedule you set. Simple as that.

Wondering about the rates? They’re personalized for every user. So BeQuick and find out how much credit we can extend you.

Behalf offers up to $50,000 of financing for up to 150 days. Find out if you qualify by filling in your information below. Get pre-approved without hurting your credit.

Just fill in a few fields below to get yourself approved:

How to Use Your Behalf Financing in under 5 minutes:

1. Get pre-approved for Behalf using the form above.

2. Complete your profile on

3. Request to pay us

4. Select repayment schedule and add a bank.

5. Submit your order

Get Your Business Growing Today with BEHALF Credit!

Check to see how much your business qualifies for now!  Click on the image below.

This is a soft check, it is not reported and has no negative affect your credit score.