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Charger Adapter for 450Wh and 620Wh Batteries

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Use this handy charger adapter to charge you spare or extra batteries when they are not connected to your Elite.

The correct sequence for connecting the Charger Adapter is as follows:

  1. Connect Charger Adapter to your Battery
  2. Connect the Ninebot Elite Charger to the Charger Adapter
  3. Connect the Ninebot Elite Charger three prone plug to your wall outlet
  4. Disconnect from the wall outlet when charged (Small LED on Elite Charger turns GREEN when charged)
  5. Remove the Charger Adapter and store your battery at room temperature  
  6. Your battery will last several months


Leaving the battery connected to the charger will increase charge dissipation  

Leaving the battery connected to a charger that is plugged into a wall outlet for long periods of time may result in permanent damage to your battery

Letting your battery fully deplete may result in permanent damage to your battery