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Main Control Board - Ninebot One E+ Replacement

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The Main-Board (Control-Board) is the brains behind the brawn

The main-board, or as some call it the 'control-board' is the “brains" behind the brawn of your Ninebot One.  If it’s not functioning properly that means you're not happy . . . or riding!

Due to warranty and safety concerns, we can not ship Main-Boards, or Control-Boards directly to customers.  This item must be installed by a certified Ninebot repair service center.

We want put that smile back on your face, and get you back out there riding as quickly as possible!
Our turn-around time for main-board, control-board repair and shipping back to you is typically within 24-48 business hours.

If you believe that your Ninebot One requires a new control board please contact us first.  We will provide you with our repair facility address info as well as additional specific instructions.

Once we receive your wheel, we will thoroughly test it to ensure that the main-board absolutely must be replaced.  We will also to check for any additional electronic or material issues.

When the testing and evaluation is complete one of our techs will call and/or email you an itemized list of any material items that they may have found.  Some of the items may only be cosmetic and will have no functional reason to be repaired/replaced other than aesthetics, those items will be listed as 'Optional.'  Others issues or components that have a direct impact on the Ninebot Ones functionality will be listed as 'Highly Recommended.'  The list will include parts and labor costs.  Note on labor costs, most repairs to the Ninebot One can be completed within an hour.

While your Ninebot One is disassembled, a technician also will be checking your tire for ware and pressure.  He will also be cleaning the material components to the best of his ability so that your wheel looks it's absolute best when you get it back.

Main-Boards, Control-Boards will be replaced with an original manufactures replacement main-control board for the Ninebot One C+, E+, and 'P' Pro models.   

Purchase this service from this page if you've already talked to us, or are 100% absolutely sure that your main-board must be replaced.

If you purchase and we haven't talked with you, we will give you a call and/or email you with more information.


  • Qty (1) New Main-Board ($184.99)
  • Qty (1) One Hour Labor ($45.00) Main-Board installation and activation

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Let us know if you find your shipping cost from the carrier seems to be excessive.  We can most likely provide you with a discounted rate using our shipping account.