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  • 先试后买,Ninebot miniPRO免费体验来啦




  • Segway助力 2017 HONMA高尔夫会员巡回赛

    4月28日,2017 HONMA高尔夫会员巡回赛(北京站)在北京叠泉乡村俱乐部正式开赛。Segway作为本次赛事的赞助商之一特别设置了Segway i2 SE作为一杆进洞奖。还有多款平衡车产品的现场体验。



  • 纳恩博参加2017中国反侵权假冒经验交流活动




  • Segway童车首发,给孩子的走心礼物




  • 棒呆!今天惊现一大波儿蝙蝠侠

    今天上午,在北京五道口、海淀黄庄、三里屯、国贸、西单等多个商区附近,惊现一大波儿蝙蝠侠。这次蝙蝠侠并没有开着标志性的战车登场,而是骑着Ninebot One S2蝙蝠侠定制版走进了人们的视线。



  • 黑暗骑士巅峰出击,换你上场!

    Ninebot One S2蝙蝠侠定制版上线京东众筹,多重档位多重优惠。明天上午京东直播为你揭开蝙蝠侠的神秘面纱。



  • 疯狂刷街挑战,寻找真正的骑士

    Ninebot App新版本新功能上线,更新Ninebot App后即可参加“疯狂刷街挑战”,参与活动就有机会赢取每天一台的平衡车大奖,还有百万红包等你来拿!



  • 摩旅大咖云集Segway旗舰店,畅谈摩旅心得




  • Ninebot miniPRO与Hit FM一起节奏当道!

    Hit FM过14岁生日啦!今天下午,Hit FM和Ninebot miniPRO携手一起与听众粉丝们现场狂欢!



  • Segway参展2017香港环球资源电子展




  • Heavy struck! Ninebot miniPRO landed in China today

    With the balance of the nine cars selling, people are no longer unfamiliar to the balance of the car, there are more and more young people and even children to join the balance car entertainment team, out of love for the balance of cars, we start Not satisfied with the requirements of entry-level balance of No. 9 balun. April 10, Segway & Ninebot launched the life, speed, comfort and convenience and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade of the new, the origin of the United States, the first landing in the Chinese market Ninebot miniPRO, priced at 3499 yuan.



  • 2017Segway Asia Pacific Dealers Conference ended

    On March 27th, the Segway Asia Pacific Dealers Conference in Taiwan ended successfully, with a five-day conference gathering of nearly 50 Segway & Ninebot Asia Pacific resellers from home and abroad.



  • Nainbo was CQC product certification and Jingdong balance vehicle quality assessment finalists

    March 27, Jingdong hand in charge of China Quality Certification Center (CQC) held a meeting in the headquarters of Jingdong, Jingdong high-level and industry experts to participate in the conference, and at the meeting launched the first electricity platform balance bar quality assessment standards. The release of the standard, for consumers who have a higher quality assurance.



  • "Play wonderful" 2016 second quarter balance car Challenge and Finals perfect ending

    October 16, Nainbo organized the "play wonderful" second quarter balance car Challenge and Finals in Beijing University of Technology Yifu Library North Square. From Suzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Beijing four regional races come to the forefront of the players gathered in Beijing, a gathering of national masters duel pk, staged a peak duel.



  • Seriously, let's talk about the balance of the battery and the quality of the charger

    The balance of the car fire, explosion accidents, what reason is caused by? CCTV "weekly quality report" column together with the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau for the balance of the battery and the quality of the charger to do a thorough investigation and study.



  • Beijing International Equestrian Masters perfect ending, not riding the audience also when a "Knight"

    September 2 to September 4, three days of the sixth Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters has been a perfect ending. The event is perfect and enjoyable, and the spectators are not only enjoying the wonderful game but also the fun of balancing the car.



  • Ninebot exhibitors 2016 Shenzhen Mobile Electronics Fair, won the MES China Fashion Innovation Award

    2016 Shenzhen Mobile Electronics Fair successfully concluded, Ninebot with the full range of products exhibitors and access to 2016 MES China Awards.



  • What kind of unicorn be able to grow ten times in three years?

    August 12 to August 13, organized by the China Computer Society (CCF), Lei Feng network hosted by the CCF-GAIR global artificial intelligence and robot summit, Nainbo technology with Segway Robot project participants, from more than 100 Chinese artificial Intelligent and robotics in the field of outstanding enterprises stand out, topped the Top25 growth list, leading the "robot platform class" innovative enterprises.



  • 8.12 Segway Day Carnival feast came to an end

    On August 12th, the 812 "Segway Day", built by Segway & Ninebot, the world's leading brand of smart short traffic, came to the forefront of expectations and became the most influential brand feast in balance and technology.



  • Segway flagship store opening ceremony held today, the future finally came

    August 12, 2016, the innovation of short-distance world-class brand traffic Segway (Segway) company's flagship store opened, located in Beijing. Representatives of Segway Group, one of the Group's investors Yu Quan, representatives of global agents, Segway company representatives, players representatives, media reporters attended the opening ceremony, witnessed a historic moment.

  • Segway flagship store opening ceremony held today, the future finally came

    August 12, 2016, the innovation of short-distance world-class brand traffic Segway (Segway) company's flagship store opened, located in Beijing. Representatives of Segway Group, one of the Group's investors Yu Quan, representatives of global agents, Segway company representatives, players representatives, media reporters attended the opening ceremony, witnessed a historic moment.



  • Unicorn Enterprise valuation list TOP300, Ninebot list

    Recently, the third party agency iResearch released the 2016 China Unicorn Enterprise valuation list TOP300, ant gold service to $ 60 billion valuation come out, millet technology 45 billion US dollars, the drop of $ 27.6 billion trip Two and third. Ninebot is on the list.



  • Nainbo company selected 2016 future star hundred list

    Recently, the "China Entrepreneur" magazine named "2016 of the future Star 100 companies" list released, satisfied that the company ranked seventh in the company.



  • Nainbo President Wang Ye introduced "Segway Robot" project results

    July 15, 2016, the Beijing Municipal People's Government Information Office and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly organized the "Beijing Technology Innovation Action Plan (2014-2017)" (referred to as "Technology Innovation Action Plan") digital manufacturing technology innovation and industry training Special series of results press conference.



  • Nainbo selected 2016 China's most investment value of the top 100 list of companies

    Recently, "2016 China's most investment value of the company's top 100 list" officially released. The list of selected activities by the China Board of Directors Network, China Data Research Center co-sponsored by the hope shares, worry-free fund co-sponsored. Nainbo company selected 2016 China's most investment value of the top 100 list.



  • Encounter high imitation does not care circle! Teach you fire eyes to distinguish the authenticity of the nine balance car!

    Recently, we found that some of the nine balance car "1: 1 high imitation" products into the market. These imitations are likely to result in property damage or personal injury if they are inadvertently bought. These imitation goods and nine balance car similarity is so high that there is no contact with the nine balance car new players difficult to distinguish the authenticity.



  • Let the romance happen, Ninebot One of the trip to Paris

    Ninebot One to your impression may belong to the streets of the influx of people with, and reflects the gentleman and aristocratic temperament of the British wind to catch Ninebot One will give you a different feeling. Look at the elegant romance of Paris.





UL2272 certification ceremony held Naen Bo

balanced car is eligible for the world's first certificate

2016-05-11 12:20:42 Author: Haoran Network

May 10, world-renowned security Scientific American UL in China held the balance of the car certification ceremony for the first safety car balanced by UL2272 certified Naen Bo certificate issued by the company. UL senior vice president of global, related to the leadership Fei Chen Jie, president, Asia Pacific, Ms. Na Enbo Chief Operating Officer COO Zhao Zhongwei, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Chinese car industry alliance of balance, many guests and media reporters attended and witnessed this sub-authorization ceremony.

UL2272 on February 3, 2016 promulgated after a structural assessment, safety testing, and a series of rigorous testing and evaluation for UL 2272 logo, product label instructions and compliance, and ultimately the balance of the car was confirmed Naen Bo It meets all safety standards, the world's first electric balance by UL2272 safety standards for testing vehicle balanced car business.

Senior vice president of global UL, Fei Chen Jie, president of Asia Pacific, said in his speech, "UL has been committed to providing consumers worldwide innovative products used to provide security solutions that balance the car is one example. Therefore, today, to be here announced the debut car balance certificate issuance, we are very excited .UL circuitry 2272 certification means that the safety performance of the car balance coincidence circuit and fire safety certification requirements. this assessment based on independent third party testing organization will help Nunn Bo such a balance car manufacturers to prove their products to stringent safety standards compliance. in addition, consumers are able to get more confidence to purchase the product, retailers can have confidence in the procurement UL listed balanced car products, and the UL 2272 standard to carry out their own procurement policies. "

Subsequently, the company's chief operating officer, Ms. Zhao Zhongwei Naen Bo made a speech, "Na Enbo very honored to receive UL 2272 safety certification, which means that the production of Na Enbo balanced car balance car meet UL safety standards. Nunn Bo since its inception has been to give top priority to product quality and safety. the Na Enbo awarded UL certification, will provide electrical safety to protect consumers and to create a safe and secure purchasing environment, so that more people can enjoy the balance car for fun and life-changing brought about. "

It is worth mentioning that, in the Na Enbo UL certification evaluation process, also participated in the revision of standards UL2272 test. Given Na Enbo strength and position in the field of car balance, Na Enbo R & D engineers are invited to some provisions of the proposed amendments, to provide assistance and support to the balanced development of the car industry, safety and health, UL and the United States to adopt to improve safety standards UL2272 to a more professional and comprehensive content to balance the car products strictly.

Since its inception, Naen Bo has been the product quality and safety first, the recognized certification authority of the United States, to provide consumers with security, but also for the industry has set a benchmark for safety. At present, China has not yet relevant industry or national standards for quality and safety car balance regulation, Naen Bo hopes to work with the relevant government departments or agencies to promote such certification standards as soon as possible and release, so balance the car manufacturer and the product orderly together to provide consumers with a safe and secure environment to purchase the balance of the car, so that consumers around the world can enjoy the fun car balance and the change of life.

Need to remind that, UL2272 certification for vehicle safety standards including the battery, motor, electric control, etc., and not for the security balance in the car ride, so consumers in the process of using the car balance shall take appropriate comprehensive security measures, riding wear safety goggles, prohibit dangerous driving and other operations.



The first car was awarded the balance UL2272 safety


2016-05-11 12:20:40 Author: Haoran Network
- Naen Bo won the latest balance car circuit system safety certification

Beijing May 10, 2016 / PRNewswire / - Today, the world-renowned safety science company UL UL 2272 announced the debut issue balanced car circuit system safety certification, the certification standards in February 2016 formally announced. After structural assessment, safety testing and assessment for compliance UL 2272 after identification, product labels and instructions by Naen Bo (a wholly owned subsidiary owns Segway) produced balance model car was found to comply with all safety N3M320 standard. UL remind all consumers, UL 2272 certification does not balance security against riding car, consumers should take appropriate safety precautions in the use of the process of balancing the car.

Senior vice president of global UL, Fei Chen Jie Mr President, Asia Pacific

Senior vice president of UL Global, Mr. President, Asia Pacific fee Jie Chen (left), Chief Operating Officer Ms. Zhao Zhongwei Naen Bo (right) certificates

UL China held a ceremony today certified car balance, Na Enbo site officially awarded certificates and vehicle balance hologram upgraded version of laser tag UL logo. When the market sold in UL certification balanced car models in the identification, consumers should pay attention to whether the product is affixed with a UL holographic laser tag and an upgraded version of UL logo, which will be easy for consumers to identify the authenticity of the authentication.

"UL has been committed to providing consumers worldwide innovative products used to provide security solutions that balance the car is one example. Thus, today to announce the debut issue certificates balanced car and we're thrilled to .UL 2272 circuit safety certification means that the balance of the car circuit and fire safety systems meet certification requirements. this assessment based on independent third party testing organization will help such a balance Na Enbo car manufacturers to prove their products to stringent safety standards together compliance. in addition, consumers are able to get more confidence to purchase the product, retailers can have confidence in the procurement UL listed balanced car products, and UL 2272 standards to carry out their own procurement policies. "UL senior Vice president Chen Fei Jie, president of Asia Pacific, said.

Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Zhao Zhongwei Naen Bo also said in his speech, "Na Enbo very honored to receive UL 2272 safety certification, with its balanced production car model N3M320, which means that the balance of the car production Na Enbo meet UL balance vehicle safety performance standards. Naen Bo since its inception has been to give top priority to product quality and safety. the Na Enbo awarded UL certification, will provide electrical safety to protect consumers and to create a safe and secure purchasing environment , so that more people can enjoy the fun and change the balance of the car brought to life. "

UL 2272 certified to meet the United States on the details of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on February 18, 2016 for the balance of the car manufacturers, importers and retailers to publish an open letter in the times specified. The letter urges balanced car manufacturers, importers and retailers in the United States production, imports and sales of the current balance of the car must meet the applicable non-mandatory safety standards, it includes all the standard requirements of UL 2272 covers.

Simply enter access UL certificate database and enter the name of the manufacturer, you can find all the car balanced by UL certified product models. All models are included in the marked "FKIS" the UL category code, the list will be certified with the increase of products and constantly updated.


Segway and ninebot offer exclusive personal transportation vehicles
U.S. ITC Issues General exclusion order to ban infrigement of personal transporters, protect consumer safety

Livingston, N.J. – Segway Inc. (“Segway”), a subsidiary of Ninebot Inc. (“Ninebot”), announced a General Exclusion Order (“GEO”) on March 10, 2016 by the U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) in regards to personal transportation vehicles which infringed upon the patent rights of Segway. The GEO bans any personal transportation vehicles, parts for said vehicles, or transportation manuals which infringed upon Segway’s Patents 8,830,048; 6,789,640; and 7,275,607; U.S. Design Patent No. D551,722 and D551,592 and U.S. Copyright Registration No. TX-7-800-563 from entering the U.S.

The path towards intellectual property protection has been occurring for many years. Segway filed their complaint on September 9, 2014. The company was then acquired by Ninebot on April 15, 2015. Ninebot’s goal to “Think Differently and Innovate Sustainably” has led both companies to create personal transportation vehicles such as electric unicycles and self-balancing electric scooters. Segway and Ninebot’s focus on sustainable innovation is intended for the betterment of transportation and the introduction of safe electric transportation options to market.

As of April 29, 2016, Ninebot products are the first self-balancing vehicles to earn the US UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) 2272 Safety Certification Authorization Certificate. Receiving UL2272 certification ensures that products upheld safety measures regarding overloading, battery pack safety, durability, and electrical safety. Ninebot products have already been UN38.3 certified to confirm the safety of the lithium batteries used in the personal transportation vehicles.

The issuance of the GEO is crucial in sustaining the rights and patents of Segway and therefore of Ninebot. Segway has accrued over 400 patents and patent licenses in the field of personal transportation and self-balancing vehicles in the past 16 years. Issuance of the GEO from the ITC means that Segway and Ninebot are now the exclusive manufacturers of UL2272 certified personal transportation robots within the U.S.

About Your Company: Ninebot U.S. is a U.S. distributor of Ninebot personal transportation robots.  The company focuses on providing efficient, sustainable and innovative self-balancing vehicles.  To find out more about Ninebot’s mission and products, visit



On April 29, 2016, the global innovative short-distance transportation brand Ninebot obtained US UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc) safety certification, making it the world's first and currently only enterprise in the field of self-balancing vehicles to have passed UL2272 safety standard tests. This demonstrates the company's world leading position in the area of product quality and safety.


Self-balancing vehicles have increased in popularity in recent years, making for a more chaotic industry with varied product quality and negative press that extends to legitimate players. The exploding hoverboards reported in the US last year, for example, resulted in Amazon withdrawing a large quantity of self -balancing vehicles from sale. At the end of December, the US government banned the import of self -balancing vehicles, both single-wheeled and two-wheeled.

As the leading US authority for safety standards and safety testing, UL US has mandated tests on self-balancing vehicles, announcing on February 3, 2016 that it would assess and test applications on the design and structure of mechatronic systems under UL certification. It subsequently developed UL2272 standard to test and certify self -balancing vehicles.

The standard covers the electrical drive system, including the rechargeable battery and charger systems, and product quality in harsh environments. In the US, UL safety standards are noted for their strictness. They include tests on samples and unannounced inspection of manufacturers' sites from time to time.

UL2272 is the world's first authoritative safety standard for self -balancing vehicles where certification provides a benchmark for user safety.

On February 18, the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Committee) issued an announcement stating that all self -balancing vehicles manufactured, imported, and sold by manufacturers, importers. and distributors in the US must conform with UL2272 circuit system certification and UN38.3 certification.

All models of Ninebot products and their battery packs have already passed UN38.3;  the compulsory standard required by the US Department of Transportation. US customs can impound products that do not conform with UN38.3.

As a certification for safety and reliability UL2272 covers strength and safety measures such as overloading, battery pack safety in extreme conditions like water exposure, over-heating, piercing, and short-circuiting; insulation of the motor in the scenarios such as a sustained locked rotor or overloading: electrical safety; durability of the shell materials; and weather resistance.

When the UL US announced UL2272 certification, Ninebot submitted product documentation immediately for a complete assessment on materials, key components, mechanical structure. PCBs. the BMS battery management system. and safety protection systems. The UL then tested a sample scooter, which included mechanical, functional, electrical safety. and battery tests. Examples of the testing parameters are as follows: the battery cannot burn or explode if an external force is applied or if the battery is pierced, exposed to water, overcharged, or over -discharged.

On April 25, Ninebot passed all tests, the first company in its sector to attain this achievement. It is now the only vehicle of its type that can be sold in the US. Ninebot also helped revise UL2272. Given the position of Ninebot in the field of self -balancing vehicles, Ninebot R&D engineers were invited to suggest revisions to the standards to help develop the industry based on stronger standards.

Since its founding. Ninebot has prioritized product quality and safety. Now it has been approved by the authoritative US agency. providing reassurance for customers and setting a safety benchmark for the industry. At present, China has no industry or national standards to supervise the quality and safety of self -balancing vehicles. Ninebot hopes to work with the government to develop standards for an ordered and safe industry that provides reliable products for customers across the globe.


Segway Announces the Issuance of a General Exclusion Order by the U.S. ITC

March 16, 2016 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

BEDFORD, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Segway Inc. (“Segway”) announced today the issuance of a General Exclusion Order (“GEO”) on March 10, 2016 by the U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) in Investigation No. 337-TA-935, pertaining to certain personal transporters, components and manuals that infringed certain patent rights of Segway. The GEO prohibits from entry into the U.S. personal transporters that infringe certain specified claims of Segway’s U.S. Patent No. 8,830,048 for the life of that patent, irrespective of the source of the products.

The ITC also issued a limited exclusion order prohibiting the unlicensed entry of infringing personal transporters, components thereof, and manuals therefor that are covered by certain claims in Segway’s U.S. Patent Nos 6,789,640 and 7,275,607, U.S. Design Patent No. D551,722 and D551,592 and U.S. Copyright Registration No. TX-7-800-563, each as manufactured abroad by or on behalf of, or imported by or on behalf of, certain Respondents named in the Investigation and their affiliates. Lastly, the ITC issued a cease and desist order against a defaulting U.S. Respondent prohibiting the sale of infringing personal transporters, components thereof, and manuals therefor that have already been imported into the U.S.

The ITC issues a GEO in situations where it determines that a GEO is necessary to prevent circumvention of an exclusion order limited to products of named persons and/or because there is a pattern of infringing conduct and it is difficult to identify the source of the infringing products.

Segway filed the complaint that led to the subject Investigation on September 9, 2014, against numerous Respondents, including manufacturers, importers and distributors of personal transporters, components thereof, and manuals therefor, alleging infringement of its intellectual property and requesting that the ITC initiate an investigation. The issuance of the GEO marks a successful conclusion of the Investigation for Segway.

Segway owns over 400 patents and patent licenses of core technologies in personal transporters area, accumulated over 16 years of innovation and R&D. Segway respects the intellectual property of others and expects these entities to do the same. Segway remains committed to pursuing legal enforcement against those who do not respect Segway’s intellectual property.


A New Personal Robot Project Officially Released by Segway

A New Personal Robot Project Officially Released by Segway in the United States
On January 6, 2016 at 15:30 pm (local time in Las Vegas), a project presentation on the theme "Ride the Intelligence" was jointly organized in Caesar's Palace Hotel by Segway, with a new identity, Intel and Xiaomi Technology, for the purpose of conducting a worldwide release for Segway's personal robot project. Many heavyweight guests and media witnessed the application results of innovative technology, and also impressed by the unprecedented amazing experience brought by the Segway Robot to human life.
Wang Ye, president of Ninebot & Segway Group, firstly made a brief introduction to the integration of the just-released Segway brand, and then he mentioned that, "with an aim to develop a more lightweight and accessible product for intelligent travel, we launched Ninebot Mini series in 2015, expanding a broader consumer market. The core business of the Group has expanded to two main categories during the integration process: Segway PT (Personal Transportation) and Segway Robotics. Robot application will become more widespread by the new projects announced in today's presentation."
Segway VP Francis Bridges expressed: "Segway is a self-initiated brand and pioneer representative of self-balancing vehicle, since its foundation 16 years ago, there are more and more users enjoying an extraordinary experience brought by technology innovation because of Segway, and innovation is the spirit of Segway. Segway Robot is not only a means of transport, but an extension of human body. It can hear, see and perceive the world." Meanwhile, he also mentioned: "we are very honored to have Intel and Xiaomi as our partners, they are very authoritative in their respective fields. I believe that Segway Robot will serve every family very soon through the efforts of all parties."
Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel Corporation, delivered his opinion in the following speech that a robot revolution era has arrived. "We are on the cusp of a robotics revolution. Robots have been working away in factories for more than half a century but their potential is far from being tapped. I think all of us can look back to our childhoods and think of times when we have been promised personal robots but these promises did not come to fruition. Today is different: computers are gaining human like senses… at Intel, we call this the Sensification of Compute. The progression of Moore’s Law is providing sufficient compute horsepower to effectively process all of these sensor inputs. The capability for developers to build on top of platforms with Open APIs is enabling ecosystems to form around innovative platforms. The Segway Robot is a perfect example of these 3 trends at work enabling a device that you can actually envision being part of your everyday life. Segway robot is equipped with Intel RealSense camera "eyes" and Atom processor a powerful brain. " He believes that Segway Robot is filled with endless possibilities under the support of the strong partners as Segway and Xiaomi.
At the end, Pu Li, a robot project leader, appeared on the stage by riding a robot, and showed the application of Segway Robot in life scene through a video. At first glance, it is just a small size self-balancing vehicle product without specialties. However, at the moment when the switch was turned on, it suddenly became a robot with eyes and expression, and could speak and understand the instructions.
Pu Li introduced that Segway Robot is supported by Segway's self-balancing vehicle technology to extend and expand human ability on the premise of fulfilling transportation task. Artificial intelligence system is installed on the self-balancing vehicle to realize look, listening and speaking skills by Intel's powerful computing unit and a variety of sensors, such as RealSense depth perception sensor and microphone array sensor. If we bring the Segway Robot to our daily life, then we will find a new self or an alternative, just like the extension of the body, we can do whatever we want.
All personal vehicles, even the most intelligent ones, are just the extension of human legs and feet. However, when they become a part of Internet of Things, their perception and implementation scope will be infinite. The combination of Segway Robot with Xiaomi Internet of Things system can help check the abnormal situation when no one at home and open or turn off the air purifier……we can manipulate our surrounding environment as we wishes just by moving our mouth. By then, we may have relied on all the convenience and enjoyment brought by intelligent technology.
In the field of short distance travel, the best representative of personal vehicle must be self-balancing vehicle; while in the field of robots, personal vehicle with self-balancing vehicle technology and artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the innovation product with future science and technology concept. In the end, Pu Li mentioned that the robot project will be an open platform on which geek players can use SDK to write their own applications. Where there is a will there is a way.
Riding the wings of technology and innovation, Segway will strive to extend its foot service to the family service. No matter how advanced the science and technology are, they will have a positive value only when aiming at improving the quality of human life. Segway's products are intelligent, environment-friendly, energy-saving and things-connecting, but they are just our carriers. Our goal is not just to create more smart products with multiple technologies, but hope that we believe life is full of infinite possibilities and our lives will be richer and more interesting by using Segway series of products.
We have been expecting our future life. Maybe, our future era has come, and this is our best time.



For years, there has been the promise of a personal robot that would provide real help in and around the house. This Tuesday at CES, Segway took a big step towards making that dream a reality with its Segway Robot showcase in the opening demo for the CES16 Intel Keynote.
The demo started off with a person riding a Segway on to the stage, but what happened next surprised and delighted the audience. The vehicle then revealed a head and transformed into a talking robot. The robot was then shown to be connected to a smart door sensor in a home. Upon receiving a sensor signal the robot moved its way through a cluttered home environment to answer the door. All this time the robot recorded what it saw which enables the family to monitor the home in a real-time dynamic view.
Segway stressed that this is only one of the possible applications for this personal robot. Afterwards arms were attached to the Segway robot live onstage to show how different parts could be added and removed to the robot to provide different functionality. Makers worldwide will be able to easily develop both hardware and software that integrates with the Segway robot. At the end of the presentation, the robot tracked and followed a Segway representative offstage.
The Segway robot can be programmed out-of-the-box to solve many complex problems with its state-of-art camera and suite of other sensors. Notably, it is integrated with the latest Intel RealSense camera which will allow the developers to collect depth information, forming a better interpretation of the 3D world. The Segway robot offers cutting-edge innovation at an affordable price.
To support the Segway Robot and advance innovation in the personal robotic field, Segway has entered into an joint engineering and strategic alliance with Intel and Xiaomi. Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, calls this “the beginning of a creative new ecosystem.” The launch of the Segway Robot announces the arrival of a new era in the field of robotics.
Segway plans to make the robot commercially available and will initially introduce a developer kit based on Android platform in second half of this year. Developers worldwide will be able to use this SDK to allow the robot to perform new applications and to interact with other devices. Join the developer list to get notified of new developments and opportunities by clicking “Join Us” at


Segway makes a new appearance at CES 2016

Consumer electronics has always been the best indicator for us to prospect for the future lifestyle and people are always looking for possibilities about future from various innovative brands and innovators to gain a live picture of life. As the world’s largest and most influential annual consumer electronics show, CES 2016 kicks off in Las Vegas on January 6, 2016, a great event to show human wisdom and future lifestyle.
On the morning EST, January 4, Segway announced its integration of Segway and Ninebot brands and its expansion of business. Its main operations are expanded and classified into two categories: Segway PT (Personal Transportation) and Segway Robotics. In 2016, Segway will explore the home service robots field through joint efforts with Intel and Xiaomi. As an important move into the service robots field, this cooperation enables Segway to make preparations for future development based on existing technologies.
At the Sands Expo # 72145 booth in Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Segway will showcase a series of innovative technologies, equipment and experience. Will Segway, after its brand integration and business expansion, bring more exciting products and services to consumers? Let’s take a look in advance.
Segway shows rich product mix and innovative technology achievements
After the completion of the brand integration, Segway starts using a new VI system and delivers a more internationalized company positioning that focuses on innovation and intelligence-oriented development. With black and white as base color, the exhibition stand features a technological and futuristic style. In the exhibition area, classical Segwayi2 and x2 as well as such subbrands as Ninebot E+, Ninebot One series, and Ninebot Mini are all on display. The world leading equipment and technologies in innovative short transportation will bring the media and participants a trendy tour full of classic memories and innovation.
Intel CEO forecasts Segway’s new project at its opening keynote speech
As a highlight of CES shows, the opening keynote speech defines the keynote of CES 2016 and ignites the enthusiasm of global innovators and consumers. At 6:30 pm, January 5 (local time), Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich delivers the opening keynote speech, focusing on the key trend to speed up the next round of computing innovation and disclosing for the first time the latest project between Intel and Segway. What kind of cooperation will be between these two technology companies? Let’s wait and see.
Segway holds project presentation to increase possibilities for life
At 15:30 p.m., January 6 (local time), Segway, Intel and Xiaomi jointly hold a project presentation themed Ride the Intelligence at Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas. This new project integrates unique core technologies of these three companies and highlights Segway's innovation tradition. On the occasion, Segway, together with a number of distinguished guests and media, will unveil the astounding changes in experience that are brought by innovative technologies to people’s life.


      Bedford, New Hampshire, USA and Beijing, China – September 16, 2015 – Segway Inc. (“Segway”), the world’s leading provider of personal electronic transportation, along with DEKA Products Limited Partnership and Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., (“Ninebot”), announced today that on September 11 it filed a Complaint for Patent Infringement in the United States District Court For the District of Delaware against Inventist, Inc. The Complaint alleges that Inventist is infringing several of DEKA’s patents, which are licensed to Segway and Ninebot.
      “We took the decisive step of filing this lawsuit, with the support of DEKA, to protect our products against infringement and copying, as well as to send a clear message that companies will be held accountable if they breach Segway patents,” said Rod Keller, President, Segway. “The strategic combination of Ninebot and Segway earlier this year enabled a renewed focus on intelligent hardware development. However, as we evolve, it’s imperative that we aggressively defend our fundamental patents.” 
The case caption is Segway Inc., DEKA Products Limited Partnership, and Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. v. Inventist, Inc., C.A. No. 1:15-cv-00808.
     About Segway
     Segway Inc., based in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA, is the world’s leading provider of personal electric transportation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ninebot Limited. Its international network currently includes more than 250 distributor, dealer and experience center retail points in 80 countries. For more information about Segway, visit
     About Ninebot
     Ninebot (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ninebot Limited, which is a privately held company registered in the Cayman Islands and headquartered in Beijing, China. Its business focuses on research and development, manufacturing and sales of short-distance transportation products. Its main investors include Sequoia Capital, Xiaomi Corporation and ShunWei TMT Capital. For more information about Ninebot, visit
     Media Contacts:
     Suzanne Dumaresq, Public Relations & Marketing Communications Manager, Segway Inc.,, 866.960.8575


The 28th Southeast Asian Games

The 28th Southeast Asian Games

The 28th Southeast Asian Games opened at the Singapore National Stadium in the evening of June 5. Ninebot as an official sponsor is getting together"to celebrate the extraordinary moment."
    In the opening ceremony, the host rides a Ninebot introducing this game which gets a lot attention and becomes a highlight of the Games; also, staff of the Game riding Ninebot becomes a new attraction. Ninebot also has a wonderful performance in this Carnival!

Press Conference on the Acquisition of Segway by Ninebot

Press Conference Introduction

      On April 15, 2015, Beijing Time, Ninebot Inc. as a leader in the China intelligent short-distance transport industry held a press conference at Beijing JW Marriott Hotel, and officially announced that MIUI Technology, Sequoia Capital, Sunwei Fund, Sequoia Capital A Round will invest $80 million,and announced it will carry out strategic alignment with Segway Company, a global leading supplier of personal electric transportation. After strategic alignment is completed, Segway will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ninebot. The two companies will continue to operate under existing brands.

Company Introductions

Ninebot Company Introduction
Ninebot is the first domestic operator providing integrative development, production, sales and service of intelligent short-distance transport product. With the dream to provide people with more intelligent and convenient innovative short-distance vehicle, they founded Ninebot , creatively combining Internet thought with advanced unmanned aerial vehicle/robot technology, and opened a new chapter for vehicles’ innovation. Ninebot has successively issued Windrunner series, Ninebot No.9 series, Ninebot One series. Its self-balance car has become the first intelligent transport robot for thousands of households; and it immediately became a pioneer of new-fashioned travel-ism after its launch, activating a buzz from all industries. In the next 30 years, Ninebot Company will view eternal innovative spirit and “Focus, Acme, Glory and Influence" as values for the company, and provide short-distance transport products with first quality to people; Ninebot will spread green way of life into the world; relaying on constantly innovative intelligent products, it will continue to lead intelligent transportation time.
Segway Company Introduction
Headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire, US, Segway is a global leading brand of personal electric transportation equipment. Segway focuses on research and development of safe and unique short-distance transport products. By advantage of technology innovation and mobile Internet, it creatively provided personal green transportation solution to challenge the tradition, and redefined personal short-distance transport tool. Segway balanced car as an epoch-making personal transport, triggered a wide attention from all industries, which not only changed the way of people working, life and entertainment, but also relieved increasingly serious traffic congestion and environmental problems. Segway at present owns more than 250 distributors all over the world with a worldwide sales network, and has dealers and product experience center in more than 80 countries. Segway also will continue to focus on innovative short transportation and personal transport, letting you travel more easy, efficient, intelligent and simple.

Ninebot honorably entered EXPO Milano 2015

Ninebot honorably entered EXPO Milano 2015

  On Feb. 3rd, 2015, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade officially designated Ninebot Balance Vehicle Series Products as the balance cars for China Pavilion in EXPO Milano 2015, and designated Ninebot Inc. as a Product Supplier of China Pavilion in EXPO Milano 2015, which declared that as the only Chinese balance vehicle brand entering EXPO Milano 2015, Ninebot would show to the world the rapid development of Chinese short distance transport industry.

      EXPO Milano 2015 has “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” as its theme, aiming to promote the harmonious and balanced development of human and nature. As a leading brand with self-dependent innovative technology in balance vehicle industry, Ninebot advocates green short distance trips with technological innovation, which is corresponding to the theme of EXPO Milano. The enterprise’s image also agrees with the innovative environment protection spirit advocated by the EXPO. Ninebot Balance Vehicles custom-made for EXPO Milano will appear in China Pavilion at EXPO Milano.

      In the severe environment of global warming and frequent haze, new energy smart vehicles will become a main measure to improve people’s life. Balance car industry’s fast development will cause a new round of technology revolution in short distance trip field. Hand in hand with EXPO Milano, Ninebot will lead balance car industry’s fast development in 2015 with broad horizons and creative ideas, to write a new chapter for global green short distance transport industry.

2015 CES

2015 CES

International CES, more commonly known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, attracting major companies and industry professionals worldwide. CES 2015 is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from Jan 6 to Jan 9. 
After the successful show on CES 2014, this is the second show for Ninebot Inc. on CES, but the first sailing for Ninebot One to international market, with its unique design and interactive action function.
As a unicycle, it might be a little hard for a starter, well, Ninebot One got full attraction from visitors with its fashionable and flexible design. What matters the most is that, it can also be connected with Ninedroid like Ninebot does, that is why we declare it is with interactive function.
CES 2015 for Ninebot is really a meaningful sailing, we made a big successful in Las Vegas!

 Exhibitions :
Oman Motor Show 2014

Oman Motor Show 2014

Oman Motor show is an international exhibition where you can see the latest models of globally known vehicle brands, discover the newest offerings from major car dealers in Oman, inspect the widest selection of auto parts & accessories, get the best products and services for your vehicle and win lots of valuable prizes by just visiting the exhibition.The GCC distributor of NinebotInc. is going to take part in the 2014 Oman Motor Show. Welcome to their booth A532 and have test driving.
 Stipulation for product sales channels of Ninebot Inc.
2014 CES

2014 CES

Time: Jan. 7th 2014 - Jan. 10th 2014
Add: Las Vagas Convention Center
Hall NO.: Venice 72643 & 72645; Hilton 47015

Why we should attend CES?
There are thousands of products launached and showcased across more than 15 product categories. The best and biggest companies: 88% of the top CE retailers, 78% of fortune 100 companines, 3,200+ exhibitors.
The world’s greatest technology leaders
Invaluable opportunities to learn

Why we Ninebot attend this fair?
Ninebot is the latest style of personal transportation robot.
Wonderful two wheels self balance eletric vehicles.
Hot backup redundancy system.
Wholly electric driven, zero emission
Portable and eco-friendly
Six gyroscopes inside

We, Ninebot will have a perfect display in the CES 2014. CES 2014 will bring us to the world market in a professional way.
There, on 7th Jan. 2014 to 10th Jan. 2014, Ninebot will meet you at Venice 72643 & 72645; Hilton 47015.